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Frequently Asked Questions about YANG

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 This is a well-known problem with xs:list in XML in general, and usually it is recommended to use markup instead.

In YANG, there is a separate keyword leaf-list which is used instead. \ No newline at end of file

What does a default value mean for a leaf which represents operational data?
It means that the default is the value the agent will use to create it. It's not like a config knob, where there might be other choices besides this one. This is extra machine-readable text that says that a state or statistic object has an initial value.

Consider this example:

leaf backupFanSpeed {
  type enumeration {
    enum off;
    enum low;
    enum medium;
    enum high;
  config false;
  default off;

You can only monitor the backup fan speed in this example. The backup fan starts out in the 'off' mode, and does not turn on unless needed. Just like zero-based-counter64, it is good for the manager to know the initial value of a non-config object.

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